Christian Lutz - Strategy and Development

The Managing Director and founder of Bluewater Medical has 20 years of experience in the medical device industry.  He began his career as a test- and development engineer in an industry leading US company where he finally became Senior Director for R&D and Marketing. The products that he and his teams developed achieved an annual turnover of more than 400 Mio US$. He worked in 3 different countries and successfully managed teams in 5 international R&D centers. He holds around 20 Patents in the field of spine and traumatology.

During his 10 year tenure as R&D Director he developed new technologies and products to enter into new markets. Christian installed CE- and FDA compliant development processes for new product introductions. Christian acts as a speaker at medical device and technology congresses.


Stefan Völzow – Quality and Development

Stefan is working in the medical device industry since 1982 when he joined the Drägerwerk in Lübeck as an apprentice to become a toolmaker. Since then, only interrupted by his studies, he contributed to numerous successful products in a variety of companies. His experience covers products for endoscopy, orthopedics and traumatology. He adds more than 10 years of experience in the development of intramedullary devices and instruments to the team. 

Stefan is a certified specialist for Quality Management and Internal Audits.

The employees of Bluewater Medical share the passion for watersports. The contact with the ocean, the wind and the waves opens our minds for new ideas and approaches.

References & Patents

Since its foundation in 2014 Bluewater Medical has submitted a number of patent applications.
Here we disclose the recently published documents.

To help facing the challenge of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases spread via respiratory droplets Bluewater Medical has developed a comfortable, reusable Face Shield. To learn more please visit

Bluewater Medical has developed and successfully tested a novel solution that significantly improves upon the state of the art.

The engineers of Bluewater Medical invent since 20 years in the medical industry and are named on more than 40 patents. Below is a selection of patents that are used in market leading products sold today and where our employees are named inventors.

US 6,183,472 B1


Pedicle Screw And Assembly Aid Therefor.

A pedicle screw with special features that facilitates the top loading adaption of a tool that helps to insert the spinal rod into the pedicle screw and at the same time allows for top loading and tightening of the assembly. This instrument became known as the Persuader.

US 9,295,492 B2

External Fixation

Fixation Clamp

Fixation Clamp further improved. I can clamp multiple diameters on each side of the clamp, and to facilitate the cleaning process it can be dismantled without tools.

EP 1627608 B1 & US 7,491,008 B2

External Fixation

External Fixation Clamp

Single Use Coupling with some very special features in the hinge and force transmission as well as protection against re-use. 

US 7,527,626 B2

External Fixation

MRI Safe Clamp And Rods

MRI Safe fixator with insulated carbon rods. The rods interrupt the electrical coil that is created by the external fixator. This reduces the eddy current in the fixator that leads to heat increases of the fixator, especially the pins which harms the patient.

US 8,142,485 B2

Bone Plating

Bone Connection Device

An insert to turn a non-locking compression hole into a locking screw hole. The idea was to be flexible in the placement of locking screws without the need of the threads in all plate holes.

US 7,648,508 B2

Bone Plating

Bone Plating Implants, Instrument And Methods

Implant and instruments features that facilitate MIS surgery in bone plating. A broad patent that disclose several new ways how to minimal invasive implant bone plates.

US 8,685034 B2

Intramedullary Nailing

Distal Targeting Device

A further improved instrument system to facilitate the distal targeting and insertion of the distal locking screws. It makes use of the technique of distal locking first described by Hans P. Granhed in 1998. 

US 7,147,643 B2

Intramedullary Nailing

Implantation System And Aiming Device For The Same

A system of intramedullary nails and instruments with features to facilitate the distal targeting and insertion of the distal locking screws.

US 7,763,022 B2

Intramedullary Nailing

Locking Nail For Treating Fractures Of The Proximal Femur.

A special geometry around the inlet opening for the lag screw that reduces the stress in that region which allows to reduce the outer diameter but reaching equal fatigue strength at the same time.